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Dee Foster Named Employee of the Year

The Diamond Award or the Employee of the year was presented to Dee Foster, RN at the Hospital Christmas party. Voted on by employees, this award was presented to the person that exemplified GCMC's mission statement: Committed to providing exceptional healthcare services delivered in a spirit of compassionate care. This person also follows our Core Values: Respect to patients, residents, fellow employees, teamwork, Compassion; Quality Healthcare; Innovation; Community. The winner of the Diamond Award for 2019 was Dee Foster. Coleen Tummons presented Dee with a Certificate and $100.00. Below are comments from employees on the voting ballot as to why they voted for Dee.

"Dee is the hardest working employee I know. She smiles at all the patients, helps whenever and wherever help is needed. She works behind the scenes as well. She helped sweep the metal debris off the highway at night after the last big crash near Quinter. She is amazing with all her years of dedication, and many different departmental skills and talents. It's time she is recognized! She is a PILLAR of GCMC! She has the kindest heart. Helps everyone, pays for things out of her own pocket to help residents, patients, families, and employees that no one ever knows about. She respects everyone! She helps in any area of the hospital where help is needed. She is a team player and promotes TEAMWORK to all employees. She is always positive and has a smile. She loves GCMC. Because she deserves it after the many years she has been here and worked for our family. For her many long years of dedication to GCMC. She represents all the beliefs of GCMC; she is dedicated and loyal to GCMC. Always helps when asked, cares about patients and doing her job. Lets you know where you stand gives constructive criticism, tells you when you are doing a great job. Look at her years of service and dedication! How many roles can one person complete?!?! Job well done! Thank you for your exceptional healthcare service."