Wound Care

Wound Care is a service offered by Gove County Medical Center. It is managed by a team of nurses and physical therapy staff under the direction of a physician. Services are provided on an outpatient and inpatient basis.

The team consists of three registered nurses, one who has years of nursing experience and specialized expertise in wound care. Others involved in the care are a physical therapist and certified physical therapy assistants who have the ability to debride wounds if required and also have many years of experience in wound care.

The types of wounds treated by the team range from diabetic, burns, poor circulation and post-surgical. Wound assessments and individualized care plans are on-going.

Our team also provides education to the patient and family which includes wound etiology and prevention, nutrition and other factors which may enhance healing.

If you or someone you know or care about suffer from a wound that won't heal, talk with your physician for information and a referral to the Wound Care Team.

The wound care team is committed to professionalism by combining all their skills and talents to meet the needs of the patients and community, as well as to the successful improvement of wound care to patients and look forward to serving you.